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Welcome to Boersma Travel

Boersma Travel corporate headquarters and reservation call center is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where we house 23 employees. Our Reservation Call Center is expandable and we have five Branch offices across the U.S.   We are positioned for continued high service levels and for significant growth.

Boersma Travel is a full service travel management company.  We have been in business since 1945. Boersma Travel provides travel management and support services to individuals, private companies, and government agencies throughout the United States. Boersma Travel is on the cutting edge of technological advances with its deployment of its own online booking engine, customized booking sites for clients; web based reporting, e-ticket tracking capabilities, and the offer of web-based fares. Boersma Travel provides an in-house help desk for our online booking engine.

Boersma Travel offers many value-added services that separate us from our competitors. We are the leading provider in the nation of Foreign Currency Exchange within our network. Our International travel knowledge and experience is second to none. Our product technology consists of the latest computerized equipment from Travelport and Sabre, both offer our travel consultants the most accurate and competitive information. Boersma utilizes pricing software that enables us to search and find the lowest possible fare including web fares on most airlines.


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