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Domestic Airline Tickets: Boersma Travel conducted a study of the travel industry cost of domestic airline tickets and found the following comparisons. The industry cost of an airline ticket was $576.28 versus Boersma Travel $540.70 for the same destination. The variance was attributed to the following factors that were used by our travel experts.

 Itinerary Option: We asked the traveler if they were flexible in their departure and return time. If it was possible to use an alternative airport i.e. fly into Baltimore instead of one of the DC Airports?   If they are willing to take a connecting flight to and from their destination? We also conduct a “Low Fare Recheck” on all tickets that are issued up until the date of departure to determine if reduction in the airline ticket has taken place. We educate our clients on the need to purchase tickets 7 and 14 days in advance of their departure date. These advanced purchases will result in a 15% reduction in the average ticket price.

International Airline Tickets: The above study was also conducted on international airline tickets. The results were the industry average cost for an international airline ticket was $3,651.39. Boersma Travel average cost for an international airline ticket was $1,081.73.   The variance was attributed to the following factors that were used by our travel experts.

 Consolidators: Boersma Travel purchases international tickets from Consolidators that are authorized by the airlines. These tickets are sold at discounts up to about 30% off the regular cost. We advise the client that it may be less expensive to take a connecting flight in the States and fly direct to their international destination. We also have a dedicated International Department that is expert in servicing the requirements of our clients in handling remote and complex itineraries.

 Hotel Reservations: Results Travel Preferred Hotel Program is designed to serve the entire spectrum of lodging needs for both corporate clients and individual business travelers. We have access to the best, available unrestricted rates in major and secondary business markets worldwide. The discounted properties are located in 125 countries and 3,000 cities. The properties offer complimentary amenities, such as free high-speed internet access, complimentary breakfast and health facilities.

Car Rental: Results Travel Preferred Car Rental Program is designed for corporations that want to supplement their corporate rental car program. These programs provide access to discounted rates with unlimited miles, free upgrades when available. The discounts are up to 30% off retail rates which include all of the car rental companies.

 Online Booking: We have designed and currently operate 11 customized web-sites for our clients. We have an in house Help Desk to support our clients to gain a better understanding of the site. We do not charge our clients a fee for the first six months of usage. The transaction fees are lower for online booking than using a travel consultant. This is done to increase usage and thereby decrease our clients travel cost.

 Online Booking: Boersma Travel Online booking website provides the same functionality as Orbitz or any of the other websites. Ours is far better than the others, it lists the clients preferred vendors (airline, hotels & car rental) and their negotiated discounts. The site also lists the clients travel policies which we enforce. Unlike Orbitz we track all procurements types. This is extremely important to the client. This data is used by the client to negotiate discounts with the suppliers.

 Foreign Currency Exchange:   Boersma Travel is the industry leader of foreign currency provider within our supplier network. We buy and sell foreign currency for over 80 countries. Our rates are competitive with banks; we have most common currencies on hand. This service offers your international travelers a safe, convenient and cost effective option.

           Credit Card Reconciliation:
Boersma Travel has designed and developed its own automated Credit Card Reconciliation system. This system matches the client’s credit card bank statement with our automated file. The matching process identifies valid charges and credits. Those items that fail to match are furthered researched to determine the validity of the charge. Our system processes thousands of charges within a few minutes. The manual process could take many hours to reconcile.

 Visa/Passports:   Our Travel Consultants will ensure the travellers are made aware of the current visa/passport requirements for their destination, as well as health and safety requirements. If the traveller requires a Visa/Passport we assist them with the processing.

 Standard & Customized Reports: Our reports are used by the clients to manage their travel expenditures. The report collects various types of travel data. The data is used to negotiate supplier discounts. The data also identifies those travelers who are in or out of compliance with the company policies.

                  E-Ticket Tracking: We robotically collect unused e-tickets from the airlines database. These unused e-tickets are stored in our client’s e-ticket data base. When the traveler schedules another trip the e-ticket is retrieved and the value of the e-ticket is used to off-set the cost of the new ticket. This process has allowed our clients a 5% cost reduction on their airline tickets purchases. This is a measureable cost savings and a value added process.


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